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Nassau BOCES ISP students receive certificates at graduation ceremony

Lanaya Baldwin proudly displays her certificate of completion from the ISP program at Nassau BOCES Adult Education.

Students in the Intensive Support Programs (ISP), part of the Nassau BOCES Adult Education Program, were proud to receive their certificates of completion in a special ceremony attended by hundreds of Barry Tech staff, friends and family members.

The forty-six students trained intensively in the Auto Lube, Building Maintenance, Direct Care, Stock and Inventory, Pet Care and Grooming, and Food Services courses. The goal of each program is to prepare individuals for employment in their chosen field. Job placement specialists work closely with students throughout the semester to assure appropriate job placement and provide support services. Courses include a component in employability skills training. Barry Tech staff helps each student with job placement.

Adult Education Principal Michele Cohen welcomed everyone and introduced those in attendance. “Change is inevitable,” she said to the students. “But remember to hold onto your value system, your work ethic, and most importantly your humanity. It is these qualities that will guide you further on your journey. Go forward, think big, look for your passion, and you will be a success.”

James Widmer, associate superintendent for business services told the students, “I’m sure that the work you’ve been doing with the BOCES staff, and that the experience you’ve gained through your internships has prepared you well for the next phase of your journey. I wish you well, congratulate you, and best of luck in your future endeavors.”

ISP student and animal lover Jamie Koplitz, of the Plainview UFSD, received her certificate in Pet Care and Grooming. “I’m very excited!” She said, surrounded by proud family members after the ceremony. “I made good friends here, and the teachers were great. I love animals, and this will be a good career for me.”