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Remote Accommodation – Second quarter deadline is October 19

For the 2020-21 school year, Nassau BOCES’ is providing in-person instruction as its primary offering for all of our educational programs. Because of the types of programs that we offer, we feel in-person instruction is the best option for many reasons, including hands-on learning, supportive school cultures and socialization. We are committed to providing a safe in-person experience.

However, we are offering a remote accommodation for those students unable to attend in-person. Parents who choose this accommodation will need to commit to completing a full quarter remotely. The deadline to apply for the second-quarter remote accommodation is October 19. The form to apply can be found at the link below:

The remote accommodation is not the same as the robust remote learning environment that Nassau BOCES has developed for a full remote situation that was in use last spring. Please speak with your child’s Principal to learn what the accommodation will provide.

Students who participated in a remote accommodation for the first quarter are now able to transition to in-person instruction for the second quarter. Parents must fill out the remote accommodation form again to indicate whether they want to return to in-person instruction or continue with remote instruction.