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PeopleSoft Upgrade(s)

FIS Nassau BOCES’ primary business application, PeopleSoft, is undergoing a multi-year upgrade with a focus on the user. Throughout the agency, every department and all employees interact with one of PeopleSoft’s two platforms – HR and Financials.

 “Our goal is to ensure we are leveraging the latest available technology to ensure the best user experience.” said Executive Manager Clifford Steinberg. “We want people to work efficiently and in a more fluid nature within the systems we use in the agency.”

 The HR version of PeopleSoft is dedicated to payroll processing and employee data. The Financials version is the backbone of every business transaction made by the agency. Program administrators also use a variety of PeopleSoft reports to track their budgets and make purchasing decisions. PeopleSoft is also the program that staff use when they access the website Self Service tool to see their payroll records or leave time balances.

 There are multiple subprojects to the upgrade, including:

  • Upgrading databases;
  • Migrating the hardware and operating system to a virtualized environment with more flexibility; and
  • Streamlining the agency’s financial reports and moving them to a new system.

“The work is being completed in house by our staff members who know our business practices, which is important to the process,” said James Widmer, Associate Superintendent for Business Services. “Our Financial and Information Systems team are experts in this work and will receive professional development to expand their capabilities even further.”

 Prior to beginning the work, the agency reviewed other financial system options to see if it was time to move to another platform. However, PeopleSoft offers the best match for the needs of the agency, providing a great degree of flexibility and a wide array of tools.

 Each subproject will undergo testing, including multiple passes to adjust, modify and refine the user experience. Financial and Information Systems will continue to provide updates throughout the project.