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Shared services grant saves the county millions

Nassau BOCES Deputy Superintendent Dr. Robert Hanna, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, along with representatives from Nassau County school districts and public agencies announced $9.5 million in savings as a result of the Nassau School and Municipal Savings Initiative, a 21st Century Demonstration Shared Services Grant awarded in 2009.

The Nassau School and Municipal Shared Savings Initiative is a cooperative effort among Nassau BOCES, Nassau County, local school districts and other public agencies. During the three years since the grant was awarded, the initiative’s Steering Committee has identified several opportunities to collaborate and find efficiencies.

Thanks to regional bids, the initiative has saved more than $550,000 in out-of-district transportation costs for school districts, $400,000 in mandated building condition surveys, $160,000 in IT and telecommunications services, $8 million in cooperative energy purchasing. Other savings include nearly $400,000 in phone line redundancy removal, phone line conversions to fiber and connecting school districts through a fiber network.

“We are pleased to report that we have been able to achieve an overall savings of $9.5 million for county taxpayers,” stated Nassau BOCES Deputy Superintendent Robert Hanna. “We hope to extend all of these initiatives to wider groups and school districts, and to embark on even more ambitious inter-municipal collaborations. What is clear from our initial findings is that cooperation can yield benefits without compromising the local control and quality our residents appreciate.”

More savings will come from a recent cooperative fuel bid put out by the County that allows public agencies and school districts to save up to .25 cents off the pump price for gasoline.

“The County is committed to continuing to work alongside Nassau BOCES, Nassau school districts, and other Nassau County municipalities in leveraging collective buying power to maximize cost savings for our residents and stakeholders,” stated Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano.

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