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Youth Mental Health and Wellness Summit

People sitting in a conference center

Nassau BOCES administrators and Nassau County school district representatives were among the over 1,000 participants who attended a Youth Mental Health Summit hosted by Governor Kathy Hochul on June 15 at the Javits Center. The summit follows a statewide Youth Mental Health Listening Tour aimed at exploring the issues impacting the mental health of youth throughout New York State. At each listening session adolescents were asked to discuss how the pandemic impacted their mental health; the evolving role social media has played in their lives; how schools can promote wellness among their students; the types of mental health programs they could envision helping them at school; and the advice they would give to their peers struggling with mental health issues.

The Summit brought together a broad array of national subject matter experts and stakeholders from the mental health, education, technology, and law enforcement fields to further discuss the challenges and experiences impacting the well-being of our youth, including the role social media plays in their lives. The goal of the Summit is to further explore and advise on future policy initiatives that can help tackle the youth mental health crisis.