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Posted by Matthew Hejna on 2/3/2017

February 2017 Meeting

We are pleased to welcome the newly appointed NYS Chief Privacy Officer, Temitope Akinyemi will who be joining us to discuss her role and Education Law 2-d. If you haven’t already seen it, we recommend a visit to the recently launched Student Data Privacy web site which contains many useful resources including a link to The New York State Senate Education law Section 2-d which is worth reviewing for this meeting.

Should a cyber-incident occur in your district you should be familiar with services provided through the NYS Enterprise Information Security Office and the Cyber Incident Response Team. John Borst, Cyber Security Outreach Coordinator & John Griffin, Cyber Command Center will be joining us via videoconference to provide an overview of this office and how they can assist in the event of a cyber-attack, including actual scenarios and best practices.

At last month’s meeting we learned about the Optimum Economy Internet service from Altice for qualifying low-income families. Altice’s Vice President for Government Affairs, Jen Ostrager will be returning to give a more formal presentation of the offering and solicit district feedback to help make sure all eligible families become aware of this opportunity. Use the following link for more information.

We’ll wrap up with time for Collegial conversation, the equivalent of our Sharing session, with our Suffolk colleagues.


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