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Posted by Matthew Hejna on 5/5/2017

May 2017 Meeting 

We come full circle with this last meeting of the year (not counting Year End Conference June 13!) revisiting the topic of cybersecurity introduced back in September with a first person account from Linda Alesi of Jericho UFSD, How We Survived a Ransonware Attack and their subsequent search for an endpoint security solution.

One of the products under consideration is Cylance which leverages the power of artificial intelligence to predict, prevent and protect cyberattacks. Learn the Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack, as Cylance Systems Engineer Ming Fu demonstrates how easily ransomware is created, how the bad guys check that ransomware against the usual AV Engines, how they mutate that same ransomware to increase their odds of success, and then how Cylance predicts and prevents the attack pre-execution.

Guy Levaillant will provide an overview of Data Protection & Cybersecurity Strategies in Plainedge UFSD. Topics will include their use of Varonis DatAnywhere, an internal cloud-based solution for sensitive and confidential data, Varonis DatAdvantage for network and file storage data protection analytics, using firewall interfaces for segmentation of secure networks from trusted (LAN) and untrusted (DMZ) networks, and configuration of zones for DPI-SSL Inspection.

Earlier this week, Microsoft issued some important announcements for the education market including Windows 10 S, a cloud-based operating system to compete directly with Chrome. Microsoft Account Technology Strategist Chris White will discuss these developments and the simplified mobile device management capabilities now available using InTune for Education, including mobile application management and PC management capabilities from the cloud. Deploy certificates, WiFi, VPN, and email profiles automatically once a device is enrolled for management.  Simplify device enrollment in the case of large scale deployments using Apple Configurator or Intune service accounts.  Provide real-time protection against malware threats on managed computers.  Deploy software based on policies set by the administrator.  And more... 


Pre-Meeting Session (12:00 – 1:00 p.m.)
Board Policies for OSC Tech Audits
We received a lot of positive feedback from last month’s presentation, and on the need for additional guidance on this topic. Join your NASTECH colleagues to share and continue the discussion.


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