Meeting Preview

Posted by Matthew Hejna on 10/6/2017

As districts work towards meeting the requirements of Education Law 2-d we welcome back Diana M. Cannino, Esq. Ingerman Smith LLP to review Compliance Requirements for Parents’ Bill of Rights. The law states that “The Parents’ Bill of Rights must be published on the website of each educational agency, and must be included with every contract the educational agency enters into with a “third party contractor”…where the third party contractor receives student data, or certain protected teacher/principal data related to Annual Professional Performance Reviews that is designated as confidential pursuant to Education Law §3012-c (“APPR data”).” Any questions about what you need to include? Let’s discuss.


This month’s STEM Spotlight will feature Resources, Partnerships & PD Opportunities for K-12 Schools available through the Technology-Based Learning Systems (TBLS) department of NYIT. TBLS supports numerous grants and contracts supporting K-12 education throughout the United States, as well as coordinating the establishment of public/private partnerships in New York State. We will be joined by TBLS Director Stan Silverman who currently serves as the chair of the NYS Teacher Center Technology Committee, as a member of the NYS Board of Regents Technology Council, with the Professor Garfield Foundation, and is serving as a mentor in the Intel Education Accelerator.


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