2010 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Zefy Christopoulos

Zefy Christopoulos

Press Secretary
Nassau County Legislature

A firm believer in the American dream, Zefy Christopoulos has spent most of her adult life identifying and supporting opportunities that will help children succeed. That attitude has earned her a reputation with parents in the Glen Cove area as the "go-to" person for any problem, question or issue.

Her passion for public education began at an early age. To pursue a better life, her parents emigrated from Greece to New York three months before she was born. Upon entering elementary school, she had to learn to speak English, and today is a self-described language wonk who bristles at its improper use. She is grateful for the opportunities that public education afforded her and staunchly supports the right of every child to receive a quality education.

One of the many accomplishments in her 22 years as a PTA member was to tighten the sex offender law, increasing restrictions of registered sex offenders living in proximity to childcare facilities. Also, she fought for the restoration of high school student busing. Many of these students faced long walks to school, exposing them to negative outside influences. To her, the benefits of providing safe transportation to school outweighed the costs of busing.

Instrumental in creating programs for students who need "a little something extra," she is a charter member of the Glen Cove Middle School Rising Stars, a committee formed to recognize those who show significant academic improvement. The program is unique in that it honors those who are not "A" students and who would not otherwise receive awards.

At the high school level, Christopoulos was part of the implementation of the Student of the Month Award, which also recognizes students who do not necessarily achieve superior grades but who make significant academic, behavioral, social or civic progress.

Christopoulos, a press secretary for the Nassau County Legislature, earned an associate degree in business management from New York University. She and her husband Peter, of Glen Cove, N.Y., had two children, Sofia and the late Andreas.