2007 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Dr. Charles W. Fowler

Dr. Charles W. Fowler

Executive Vice President for External Affairs
Institute for Student Achievement

Throughout the years, Dr. Charles Fowler increasingly believed the role of educator is that of mentor and coach – someone deeply concerned about the well-being of students. During his career as superintendent of schools for 35 years in four states, Dr. Fowler has established himself just so – a caring and passionate leader unafraid to act on behalf of those who can’t.

Dr. Fowler began his administrative career in Bedford, N.Y. He's led school districts in Hewlett-Woodmere, N.Y.; Sarasota County, Fla.; Fairfield, Conn.; and DeKalb, Ill. Dr. Fowler has also served as Nassau BOCES District Superintendent from 1995-1998.

As Dr. Fowler sees it, lecturing within the public education system will be replaced with independent and individual teaching methods. He feels this “personal” approach to educating students is the key to their success.

An adjunct professor of School Organization and Leadership at Columbia University’s Teachers College, Dr. Fowler has received many honors including the Distinguished Service Award of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and the Surgeon’s General Medal of Honor. He has also been recognized as “Educator of the Year” by both the New York State Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development and St. John’s University’s chapter of the professional education fraternity, Phi Delta Kappa. He has co-chaired several state-wide committees, making recommendations to New York’s Commissioner of Education and Board of Regents on graduation requirements and increasing educational leadership opportunities among women and minorities.

Dr. Fowler has authored more than 55 books and articles about public education in the scholarly and popular media, including The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

When asked what advice he’d give to those entering public education, Dr. Fowler says, “It’s important to recognize the value of a quality education – and fight for it. There is no greater joy than comparing a student that started in September with the same student who completed his studies in June. The transformation is measurable!”