2014 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Rachael Martines

Rachael Martines

Senior Class President
Carle Place High School
Carle Place UFSD

Rachael Martines is a born leader, and as Carle Place High School class president for three consecutive years, she has proven an extremely effective one. Rachael has used her office to affect positive change in her school and the district at large. When the high school administration was forced to consider eliminating midterm exams and the after school extra help programs, Rachael met with the principal to lobby for the needs of the students she represents and inevitably saved both. When a guidance counselor position at the middle school was cut, Rachael martialed a group of more than 30 students to speak at a board of education meeting on behalf of reinstating the position.

Rachael has also led her peers in efforts to give back to the community. As an officer of Key Club the past four years, she helped organize a variety of fundraisers, collecting thousands of dollars for national charities such as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Closer to home, Rachael contributed to two events dedicated specifically to benefit Carle Place children suffering from debilitating illness.

More than just an effective leader, she is an innovative one as well. Rachael was instrumental in the development of three theatrical productions conceived of and run entirely by students. She recruited actors, set designers, and other crewmembers, and garnered the support of the community. She procured the services of a local printing firm to create programs, secured advertisements from more than 30 local businesses, and solicited donations of props and time from community members.

"For the past five and half years, Rachael has grown to embody and personify the spirit of Carle Place in many ways," wrote her award nominator. "Academically, she excels. From the start she has taken challenging courses and she continues to challenge herself in all subjects. In my 23 years of teaching, I can honestly say that I have never met another student with the combined enthusiasm, persistence and tireless energy of Rachael Martines."