2014 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Ellen Kessler Dubinsky

Ellen Kessler Dubinsky

Mathematics Teacher
Nassau BOCES Barry Tech and the Doshi STEM Program

Ellen Kessler Dubinsky began at Nassau BOCES 20 years ago as a part-time math teacher for Nassau Tech's GED program. Her impressive abilities, both as an educator and mathematician, soon led her to a full-time position where she excelled as a leader in her field. Her leadership and vision enabled her to build integrated career and technical education (CTE) curriculum models that meet state and national standards, to create a collaborative co-teaching model among CTE faculty, and to establish commencement and college-level math for CTE students.

Kessler Dubinsky has embraced educational technology to maximize instruction, from graphing calculators to SMART Boards. She has created engaging Smart Notebook lessons that include videos, images and interactive activities. She has served as a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Nassau County Math Teachers Association and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. In 2011, she wrote an influential article for Newsday on mathematics education entitled, "A Life Blessed by the Magic Triangle."

"My philosophy of education is to teach to the whole child, create a pleasant environment that is as stress-free as possible, and to have fun," said Kessler Dubinsky of her approach to teaching. "I love math and I enjoy sharing this love with my students and to anyone else who will listen."

In keeping with her holistic philosophy, Kessler Dubinsky helped to create Nassau County's first district-wide fingerprinting Honorees program, and worked with school psychologists and administrators on the development of an afternoon program to counsel children on how to deal with grief. The program was recognized in the national publication PTA Today, and Kessler Dubinsky later received the PTA Life Membership Award.

"Ellen Kessler Dubinsky is one of the best teachers in Nassau County," wrote her award nominator. "Each of her students benefits from her knowledge and love of mathematics. She is a competent, caring and energetic individual who brings excitement, enthusiasm and a talent for teaching to the classroom. She motivates and inspires students to love and excel in math. She is the model of excellence in teaching."