2015 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Frank Barrett

Frank Barrett

Assistant Principal
Nassau BOCES Center for Community Adjustment

Frank Barrett's career as an educator spans more than 30 years, from his humble beginnings as a teacher aide to his current role as Assistant Principal of the High School and Skills Program at the Nassau BOCES Center for Community Adjustment (CCA). During that time he has served at nearly every grade level, from elementary to high school, moving steadily up through the ranks. He has never shied from the considerable demands of leadership and has served in several administrative roles. For the past five years he has also served as an adjunct professor at Dowling College.

Mr. Barrett is a powerful leader and an outstanding educator, but he is most admired for his inspirational attitude and positive outlook. Despite having suffered his own personal tragedies and loss, he maintains his cheerful perspective. He has a reputation for helping students and colleagues alike to rise and move forward, whether by encouraging his students by singing alongside them in their self-organized music ensembles or by counseling colleagues through difficult times. Mr. Barrett works diligently and collaboratively with parents, school districts, teachers and outside agencies on a regular basis, doing whatever he can to ensure student success.

He is charming and funny, and anyone who knows him says his selflessness and sunny disposition are infectious. He enthusiastically gives his time to helping people and his example inspires others to join him in his efforts. During the holidays, Mr. Barrett plays the part of Santa and hands out books to children and lends his voice to the DingleBell singers, making the rounds to local nursing homes. Throughout the year he is a source of support and encouragement to everyone around him.

"I met Frank during his tenure as an assistant principal and was impressed with his amazing, upbeat personality and involvement as a leader," wrote his award nominator. "His love and understanding of people with special needs is consistently evident. He is always there, shining his light. Frank is a special person who has made a difference in the lives of many and I hope he continues to serve others with his warm, empathetic and positive approach toward life."