2016 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Eric Scott

Eric Scott

Hewlett-Woodmere UFSD

Eric Scott is a resourceful, inventive and invaluable member of the Woodmere Middle School (WMS) community. More than maintaining the buildings and grounds, Mr. Scott actively contributes to the curriculum and helps to mold young minds. He is one of the founders of the school's Outdoor Environmental Center, working closely with teachers and administrators to establish a vital learning environment where educators can "teach outside of the classroom."

Through Mr. Scott's efforts, a patchy lot alongside the school was transformed into a lush learning space that continues to flourish. He drew upon his previous work experience as a zoo staff member to build and maintain a greenhouse with a pond ecosystem, aquaponic and hydroponic watering systems, and a wide selection of native Long Island plant species, including plants that welcome butterflies and other pollinating insects.

Mr. Scott diligently monitors the temperature, humidity, airflow, and heating systems within the greenhouse, and meticulously manicures the surrounding grounds. He supervised an inspiring renovation of the "Rachel's Challenge Garden" and is responsible for constructing a pathway through the Center to make it more accessible to people with physical disabilities. His painstaking work behind the scenes has made the WMS Outdoor Environmental Center a model for neighboring school districts. The Center remains an ongoing project that will continually evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of students.

"Eric Scott has gone above and beyond the call of duty to create a tremendous learning environment for the students of Woodmere Middle School," wrote his award nominator. "His tireless efforts, ingenuity and talent have helped to build and maintain our Outdoor Environmental Center. He is a true partner in our educational system and a vital contributor who has helped to provide unique learning experiences for our students. Mr. Scott is a tremendous asset to the Hewlett-Woodmere UFSD."