2017 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Lynette Batts

Lynette Batts

Executive Director
Littig House Community Center

For the past 20 years, Lynette Batts has served as the Executive Director of Littig House Community Center. Under her leadership, the center has helped to better the community by addressing the needs of children and their families and by providing support services in a non-threatening environment. During her tenure at Littig House, Ms. Batts has developed a number of critical initiatives.

She created a youth council for students in grades 8-12, fostering leadership skills in teenage students and engaging them in a dialogue about the issues facing them in their communities. She established a parent’s committee and an advisory board that partners parents with programs and services dedicated to the betterment of the community. She has also developed a number of student-focused afterschool programs including homework assistance, tutoring, literacy services, educational enrichment and constructive leisure.

Ms. Batts works side by side with children and their families to help them reach self-sufficiency, assisting them in meeting basic needs, such as food, housing and medical attention. She works closely with students and their families to build stronger connections to school, helping parents to better understand the public education system and their rights within it and teaching them about the important role they play in their children’s education.

Outside of her role with Littig House, Ms. Batts has lent her expertise and guidance to a number of other advocacy groups including The Coalition of Nassau County Youth Services, the Nassau County Nonprofit Task Force and Community Voices for Youth and Families. She served as Co-Chairperson of the Long Island Partnership for Afterschool Education and is the Founder of the Port Washington Community Partnership. The United Way of Long Island bestowed Ms. Batts with the David S. Schector Memorial Award for commitment to selfless service.

“Lynette Batts is a tireless advocate who has made a tremendous impact on education in Nassau County,” wrote her award nominator. “She understands that public education offers America’s children the promise of full participation in our society and economy but that to realize this great promise, families, children, schools and community must work together to build relationships. Ms. Batts not only recognizes the challenges facing young people and their families, also she leverages her resources and relationships to help create better educational and life outcomes.”