2017 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Elizabeth Biscotti-Sacco

Elizabeth Biscotti-Sacco

Social Worker, Archer Street School, Freeport UFSD

Elizabeth Biscotti-Sacco has served Freeport’s Archer Street School for more than 10 years as a social worker, counselor, community liaison and student advocate. She is the first to arrive in the morning and can frequently be seen working well into the night. She is always willing to pitch in, and her commitment extends well beyond the walls of the school. Through her connections in the Freeport community, Ms. Biscotti-Sacco works to ensure that all students are provided with what they need to become successful.

Ms. Biscotti-Sacco is a recipient of the Freeport Schools Founder’s Day Award, which recognizes teachers and parents who make a difference in the lives of students. That award is well earned, as she regularly goes above and beyond the role of social worker. She is an integral part of Archer’s crisis intervention team and is responsible for a number of the school’s character education programs and events.

Ms. Biscotti-Sacco is the driving force behind such vital initiatives as the Lion’s Quest student empowerment program; Career Day, which brings professional role models from the Freeport community into the classroom; the Green Light program, promoting good choices; Girl Talk, which provides a safe and confidential platform for girls to discuss their concerns about puberty; and several school-wide events, such as the Character Fair, Turkey Trot, and the annual food, coat and toy drives.

Ms. Biscotti-Sacco continues to look after her students’ welfare even after they leave school grounds. Through Pack it Up For Kids, she helps provide weekend meals for students in need. Summer Camp Connection offers a number of students the opportunity to attend sleep-away camp, giving them a rare experience and broadening their horizons. Through Prom Dress Collection, Ms. Biscotti-Sacco provides prom dresses for high school students.

“Empowering children to realize their strengths while enabling them to overcome life’s challenges is at the core of Elizabeth Biscotti-Sacco’s spirit,” wrote her award nominator. “Her commitment to improving the lives of students and their families drives all that she does. Being a social worker is her job, but helping others is her life’s work. Archer Street School would not be the same without her.”