2018 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Kevin Dougherty

Kevin Dougherty

Principal, Elmont Memorial High School
Sewanhaka CHSD

Kevin Dougherty has made remarkable progress in a short amount of time. During his brief three-year tenure as principal, the graduation rate for advanced Regents diplomas has risen by 10%, while the overall graduation rate is now at 98%, with 92% going on to colleges and universities. The advanced placement program has seen significant growth, with 40 new eighth graders taking the algebra and living environment regents in the last year. His student outreach efforts within his first year alone resulted in a 10% reduction in the suspension rate.

Principal Dougherty has helped to implement a number of vital programs at Elmont Memorial High School. The Schoolwide Enrichment Model gives students the opportunity to work on their choice of hands-on, cross-curricular projects. His technology initiative provides every student in grades 7-10 with an iPad to enhance instruction. Aspiring entrepreneurs can participate in Virtual Enterprises, an international program designed to help students develop business strategies that address real-world problems.

Mr. Dougherty spearheaded the Men of Elmont Leadership Group, which empowers minority students to grow into leaders within their school and community. This mentorship program provides the support and guidance students need to become their best possible selves. The group engages in a variety of activities, community service opportunities and real-world experiences that help them to become positive, productive, disciplined, self-sufficient young adults.

Mr. Dougherty has developed a number of outreach programs intended to develop strong partnerships with the community. Coffee with the Principal encourages parents and community members to meet with him, to ask questions and to share ideas. The Black and Blue program is an open forum intended to promote a dialogue about race and policy-making in the 21st century. He has also developed a very close working relationship with the Parent Teacher Association.

“I got involved in public education to serve others, to work with children and to hopefully transform lives,” Mr. Dougherty says of his role as an educator. “It’s important to create an atmosphere where students feel comfortable, safe, and where they feel like they can be themselves.”