2018 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Ronald Vitiello

Ronald Vitiello

Project Lead Maintainer
Nassau BOCES Department of Facilities Services

Ronald Vitiello is considered one of Nassau BOCES’ greatest success stories. A graduate of the agency’s Building Trades Program, he began his career at the agency nearly 50 years ago. He has always had an assiduous work ethic. He goes about his daily routine with unselfish enthusiasm, reporting for duty whenever called upon, day or night, weekends and holidays, to ensure that Nassau BOCES schools and offices operate efficiently and with minimal disruption. He is utterly reliable in any situation, whether attending to an alarm in the middle of the night or plowing snow for hours on end when a storm hits.

Mr. Vitiello is invaluable during any emergency, from bursting pipes and power outages to storms and floods. During Hurricane Sandy, he was among the first responders, coordinating efforts to ensure that the buildings were secure and could reopen as quickly as possible. He was also crucial to the cleanup process.

His top priority is maintaining a safe and healthy environment in all facilities throughout the agency. Year round, he anticipates safety issues and resolves them. He approaches every assignment with individual care. One cannot walk into any building in the agency without seeing examples of his meticulous workmanship.

Throughout his career, Mr. Vitiello has painstakingly completed thousands of crucial work orders, constructing hundreds of classrooms and instructional spaces, performing renovations, enhancing educational programs and ensuring the best possible learning and working environments within the agency. All of these projects are completed successfully and on time, despite extremely compressed schedules and tight deadlines.

With all of the demands that are upon him, Mr. Vitiello is one of the friendliest and most outgoing people in the agency. He works to keep morale high among his colleagues, treating everyone with respect and warmth. Everywhere he goes, everyone he encounters knows and admires him.

“I’m passionate about everything I do at Nassau BOCES,” Mr. Vitiello said. “That’s why I’ve been here so long. My team and I work for the students on a daily basis, and it makes me feel fantastic that they are a little more comfortable and secure in their classrooms when we’re finished.”