Send an email to a distribution list

This article covers how authorized users can send an email to one of the Nassau BOCES distribution lists (listservs).

1. First, compose your email using your primary business email account.

  • If you have multiple email accounts, be sure to use the same one to which you receive your listserv emails. For Nassau BOCES employees, this email account should end in
  • Be sure to review content before addressing the email to any distribution list(s). 
  • To avoid accidentally sending out the email message before you have completed it, leave the To, Cc, and Bcc fields blank until you have entered, reviewed and completed all of the content including the subject, message body, signature, attachments and accessibility requirements such as alt text for the images. 

2. Click on the To field and enter the email address for the distribution list.

  • All distribution lists have unique email addresses in the format of If you are uncertain of the exact email address associated with your list, email for assistance.

3. Review your email at least one more time for content and accessibility. Then click Send. You're done!

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