2019 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Dr. Michael Nagler

Dr. Michael Nagler

Mineola UFSD

Dr. Michael Nagler’s innovative leadership has markedly improved instruction and learning throughout the Mineola UFSD and helped the district to achieve national recognition for academic success. The American Association of School Administrators (also known as the School Superintendents Association) ranked Mineola among of the Top 25 Most Innovative School Districts in the Country. Leading-edge technology company Apple has recognized each of the district’s five schools as a Distinguished School.

Dr. Nagler’s inventive educational style led the district in its innovative use of technology in the classroom. He implemented the 1:1 iPad initiative, giving every student access to the electronic tablets to supplement learning. He spearheaded the development of a number of technological advancements throughout the district, including digital student portfolios, interactive video lessons and state-of-the-art fabrication labs, complete with 3-D printers and plasma cutters.

Through the Kindergarten Badge Book initiative, Dr. Nagler helped to introduce a creative approach to learning at the earliest possible stage. The Badge Book is the result of a committee of teachers and administrators who developed a grading framework for kindergarten students. It replaces traditional grades with badges that recognize and celebrate students’ mastery of new skills and concepts across the standards-based curriculum. Each student earns badges based on individual strengths and skills.

Dr. Nagler represents the Mineola UFSD on the national stage, through organizations like the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools, which focuses on improving learning opportunities through technology and research. He has shared his successful educational strategies through a TEDTalk for the internationally renowned Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference. As President of the Nassau County Council of School Superintendents, Dr. Nagler helps districts throughout the county to succeed.

“Dr. Michael Nagler is a visionary leader who believes in giving students choices in their learning,” wrote his award nominator. “He is a tech-savvy, creative thinker who always puts students first when making decisions.”