2019 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Len Wilson

Len Wilson

Iris Wolfson High School
Hempstead UFSD

Len has grown into a mature, responsible and caring young man who has worked hard at becoming an individual who is admired and modeled by many of his fellow students. Len’s passions are family, work and basketball. He strives to accomplish whatever will make him successful as well as a better person. Len attends Iris Wolfson High School and Barry Tech, where he is a first-year student in Personal Training. He proudly displays his Personal Training text book, noting his fascination and excitement in learning the physiological aspects of this craft.

Throughout his years at IWHS, Len has won several Student of the Quarter awards for academic effort and is on track for earning a Regents Diploma. His career goals include completing his course of training at Barry Tech and possibly attending college to study Physical Education. He also aspires to playing basketball in college.

Typically soft-spoken, Len leads by example and personal effort. He has a great commitment to his family. He has taken on some responsibility by working part-time to help support and maintain his home. It is evident that Len embodies the core values and standards of a student who strives to be a good friend, student and person. By working hard, he has become a wonderful young man. Outside of school, when time permits, he volunteers his time as a camp basketball instructor for young children in his community.