2019 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Gianluca Romeo

Gianluca Romeo

Center for Community Adjustment (CCA)
Island Trees UFSD

Gianluca has strived to overcome many difficult obstacles and continues to work to improve himself. He works hard in the classroom, at work sites and in the community. He is well-liked by staff and students alike. He demonstrated dedication to his academic endeavors and has remained in school past his expected graduation date when he had the opportunity to leave on time with a CDOS credential. He worked diligently to pass all classes and Regents exams necessary to earn a diploma in June.

Gianluca has shown great maturity, responsibility, perseverance and determination in preparing for graduation and the next chapter in his life. He has followed-up with all the necessary agencies that will provide support after high school; ensuring all the supports he need are ready for him when he graduates. He is preparing to attend a trade school that will teach him the necessary skills to work in Information Technology.

Gianluca serves as a role model in the community to other students, as he is extremely charismatic and charming. He is thoughtful, sensitive, compassionate and generous; he always inquires about how others are doing in a sincere fashion. Gianluca is an active member of his school community and has participated in the Key Club every year at CCA. He has volunteered his time in the community and he has worked on the weekends at PetSmart to help care for dogs that need a home. Len