2020 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Eric Schultz

Eric B. Schultz

Immediate Past President
Nassau BOCES

Eric Schultz was enjoying a successful career as an attorney when he turned his attentions to the world of public education. Wanting to do his part to help educate the children of Nassau County, he volunteered for the Plainview-Old Bethpage Board of Education. After serving as trustee, he went on to serve that board as vice president and then president. From there, Mr. Schultz came to the Nassau BOCES Board as trustee, and served over the course of the next 12 years as district clerk, vice president and president.

As a member of the BOCES Board, Mr. Schultz has been a staunch advocate for education, fully invested in the agency’s vision of changing the lives and shaping the future of students throughout Long Island. He is committed to the Nassau BOCES mission of ensuring a successful, challenging, caring and safe environment that enables students of all ages and abilities to achieve their maximum potential.

Mr. Schultz has given his unwavering support to the many vital student programs offered by Nassau BOCES. A proponent of arts in education, he has sought funding for Long Island High School for the Arts through grants and donations. He has helped to expand internship and other work-related experiences for career and technical education students by working to improve the agency’s relationships with local businesses. He works tirelessly on behalf of students with special needs, vowing that Nassau BOCES will do “whatever we must” to help these students meet any and all challenges that lay before them.

As a board member, Mr. Shultz has gotten directly involved with every aspect of the agency’s programs, from early childhood intervention to adult education. He spearheaded the agency-wide “Getting to Know Us” campaign, aimed at helping Nassau BOCES to become more inclusive with its 56 component school districts.

Throughout his service on the board, Mr. Schultz has been acutely aware of and sensitive to the burden to the taxpayers. Thus, he has always advised efficient spending, working to save money while providing the necessary resources to support education. He has sought outside funding for educational initiatives and supported the cost-effective purchasing of facilities over renting.

Mr. Schultz has lobbied in support of public education on Long Island at the local, state and federal levels, meeting with government officials and New York State Education Department representatives to advocate for a variety of critical initiatives. He has served the New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA), as well as the Nassau Suffolk School Boards Association (NSSBA), and was named a Distinguished School Board Member by both SCOPE and NSSBA.

“Eric Schultz is an inspirational leader who is dedicated to ensuring that all students have equal opportunities in their education,” wrote his award nominator. “He has made countless contributions to education over the course of his career, both as a community activist and school board member, all of which has been voluntary. It has not always been an easy path, but he has never wavered in his support.”