2020 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Joseph Famularo

Dr. Joseph Famularo

Bellmore UFSD

For nearly 15 years, Dr. Joseph Famularo has led the Bellmore school district in accordance with its mission and vision of educating the whole child. He focuses on the individual social-emotional development of each student and always puts the needs of the child first. This holistic approach to education has led to a number of important achievements, not the least of which is earning national recognition for educational excellence and leadership. Bellmore is the first district in the state and the second in the country to earn distinction as a Lighthouse District for Leadership by Franklincovey

Dr. Famularo’s commitment to education extends beyond the boundaries of the Bellmore district to include all students across Long Island. One of the key ways in which he has advocated for education throughout the years is as a member of the Nassau County Council of School Superintendents (NCCSS). He has served the Council in a number of leadership positions including President, Executive Board Member, Treasurer and Quadrant Leader.

As NCCSS President, Dr. Famularo spearheaded the formation of the Long Island Coalition of School Superintendents, which promotes greater collaboration between Nassau and Suffolk County school leaders to better support all Long Island students. As Chairperson of the Council’s Safety Committee, he works collaboratively with school leaders, as well as ranking dignitaries in the Nassau County Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security, to ensure a safe and secure school environment for all students.

Dr. Famularo holds a vital role with the New York State Council of School Superintendents (NYSCSS), serving as a member of the House of Delegates and Co-Chairperson of the Legislative Committee. In this capacity, he has advocated through the years for appropriate government support for a variety of critical initiatives affecting students throughout the state.

He has also served as a New York State Commissioner Advisory Member, working directly with the Commissioner of Education to improve communication and collaboration among educators throughout the state on critical issues that affect best practices in education.

Dr. Famularo has delivered numerous presentations on educational finance reform, and school leadership and curriculum, both locally and at the state level. He has developed and presented the compelling research project “If Long Island Were a State,” which uses data to demonstrate the outstanding achievements of Long Island Schools as compared to all of the 50 states.

“Dr. Joseph Famularo encapsulates the spirit of a true Nassau BOCES Education Partner,” wrote his award nominator. “In every capacity, his work at the district, county, regional and state levels contains countless examples of his profound impact on public education. Dr. Famularo labors tirelessly on behalf of all students, prioritizing their needs while advocating for the reforms that will most benefit them.”