2021 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Benito Sanchez

Benito Sanchez

Career Preparatory High School
Freeport UFSD

Benito is highly motivated, willing and eager to learn. He invites a challenge and is not afraid of hard work. Over the years, his attendance, punctuality and time management skills have dramatically improved. He has proven to be exceptionally reliable and accountable, which has made him a valuable employee.

Through the Career Preparatory High School (CPHS) work program, Benito has worked at the Netherlands Café on the Hofstra University campus, where he has excelled so impressively that he was recently offered fulltime employment. He has also performed admirably in the PC Richards job-training program, as well as in a number of jobs in the Freeport community, including an apprenticeship at a local construction company.

Benito is known for his honesty, integrity, diligence and compassion, as well as his flawless work efforts. He has demonstrated a tremendous amount of social and academic growth in his time at CPHS. He has excellent computer skills and is gifted with technology, even helping his teachers and school staff to learn and adapt to the latest technology.