2021 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Sonia Wadhawan

Sonia Wadhawan

Adult Learning Center

From the first day of class in the adult education program, Sonia has demonstrated an intense passion, a deep respect and a sense of gratitude for the educational opportunities at Nassau BOCES. Her enthusiasm for learning is infectious. She often comes to class early and persuades her classmates to stay with her after class to continue their studies. She has an unwavering commitment to achieving her academic goals and has always applied herself to the fullest.

Through her efforts, Sonia was able to achieve her high school equivalency diploma in only 11 months. She has chosen to attend college to further her education, and plans to one day return to Nassau BOCES as a teacher’s aide, with the full intention of giving back to the program that has not only enriched her personally, but opened up a whole world of employment possibilities.

Sonia’s teachers sing her praises, saying “it has been a true pleasure to play our part in helping Sonia on her journey toward a brighter future.”