2021 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Ethan Sushko

Ethan Sushko

Willet Avenue School
Farmingdale UFSD

Ethan has overcome many obstacles within the past year. After graduating from the Children’s Readiness Center and transitioning to the Rosemary Kennedy School, circumstances required him to relocate once again, this time to the Willet Avenue School. As he was attempting to acclimate to this latest change, Covid-19 struck, altering the face of education for all students.

Though the challenges were significant, Ethan continued to make positive choices, develop vital coping strategies and develop increasingly appropriate behaviors. All the while he continued to make everyone proud of him. He is well known at Willet for his friendly greetings and his beautiful smile. He is a kind, caring, respectful young man who brings joy to all who know him and serves as a role model to his fellow students.

Ethan is an amazing student who continues to shine, say his teachers. He strives to do his best both at school and at home, is eager to please and is committed to his own personal success.