2021 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Arshdeep Kaur

Arshdeep Kaur

Carman Road School
Hicksville UFSD

Twenty-year-old Arshdeep arrived in 2013 from India unable to speak English and struggling intensely with her walking. Over the past eight years, she has developed her speech, language, endurance and ambulation skills. She now walks new students around the school to help them familiarize themselves with their surroundings and ease their transition. She is also now fluent in two languages — English, as well as her native Punjabi.

Arshdeep is a diligent, self-motivated worker who will keep at a task until the job is done. She has volunteered at the Massapequa Town Hall, and pitches in at Carman Road by stocking shelves in the school store, helping with recycling and motivating her fellow students in their extracurricular activities.

Arshdeep loves to learn, especially new information and new vocabulary. She enjoys academic computer games, socializing with her fellow students, and helping anyone who is struggling, whether academically, socially or emotionally.