2021 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Tacarra Verene

Tacarra Verene

Robert Williams School
Sewanhaka CHSD

Tacarra has made tremendous progress academically, socially and behaviorally since joining the Intensive Support Program (ISP) at Robert Williams School. Self-reflection has enabled her to grow in many ways, and she takes great pride in her accomplishments. She is open to constructive criticism and is extremely persistent—a combination that has empowered her to learn from her mistakes and to better herself.

Tacarra is a student of high moral character who is well liked by her peers. She loves to laugh, and her fellow students feel comfortable around her and enjoy her company. She is always a source of support for her classmates, willing to help them with a project or to become more organized. She is honest, compassionate, fairminded, and devoted to community service.

In addition to excelling at math and science, Tacarra is extremely artistic and loves to draw. She is an exceptionally talented calligrapher and contributed her skills to creating the calligraphy on the school’s Golden Eagle Certificate.