2022 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Happy girl smiling

Samaara Hariff

Children’s Readiness Center
Westbury UFSD

Samaara is a dedicated student who always comes to school happy, prepared, and eager to learn new things. She has a love of learning and doesn’t give up when her studies become difficult. She is driven to achieve all of the goals in her individualized education program, so that she can gain the necessary life skills needed to become increasingly independent as she gets older. One such goal is to make purchases using coins, which is not a single skill, but a complex goal that requires the mastery of a number of abilities, including problem solving and critical thinking.

Samaara is an extremely social and inquisitive young woman. She is often referred to as “the mayor of the Children’s Readiness Center,” because she is always kind to her teachers and peers, and knows almost everyone by name. She greets people every morning, and is excited and proud when they greet her in return. When classmates fall ill, she makes them cards encouraging them to “feel better soon.” She particularly enjoys class and school-wide events involving her peers.