2022 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Happy young man smiling

Edwin Miranda

Rosemary Kennedy School
Westbury UFSD

Edwin has a diverse spectrum of positive character traits. He is responsible and reliable, and an overall happy person who is enthusiastic about learning new things. He is a very social, friendly and outgoing person, who enjoys meeting new people, as well as sharing quality time with his friends.

Edwin is innately kind, considerate and eager to help others. He is heavily involved in school service projects, such as raising money for the less fortunate and charity drives to help the homeless. His considerable commitment to helping both his school and community was recognized in his nomination for Graduate Club District Class President.

Edwin has an exceptional talent for technology and uses it to successfully navigate his daily environment. His knowledge of software, such as Microsoft Teams, enables him to engage in remote learning, while his familiarity with digital devices, including smartphones and the Apple watch, allows him access to limitless resources that assist him throughout his daily routine. He is also gifted in general life skills, such as housekeeping and doing laundry.