2022 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Happy young man smiling

Datrell Williams

Twilight Alternative High School
Baldwin UFSD

Datrell is a goal-oriented, driven student with a passion for creative, hands-on work. His mature, inquisitive nature and his positive approach to life serve as a model for his classmates. His spirit of helpfulness is infectious. He is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether carrying supplies, helping to decorate the school halls, or organizing food and drink for a class party. During the holiday season, Datrell led a school-wide charge to a charity wrapping paper contest, where he earned first place in the regional category.

This year, Datrell interviewed for and landed a carpentry apprenticeship with TJ Architectural Woodwork through the Harbor Freight Fellow Initiative. The owner of the company, who truly enjoys working with Datrell, said “he is a bright, polite young man with a lot of potential. The entire staff is thrilled to be working with him.”

During a physical education unit on martial arts, his openness to new experiences and willingness to try new things led to his being one of only two students invited to train at New Generations Karate.