2022 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Happy young man smiling

Andrew Defrin

Long Island High School for the Arts
Roslyn UFSD

Andrew puts in a tremendous effort every day, but not merely for the grades or the accolades; he does so because he is intrinsically invested in becoming a better artist. His diligence, moral standards and devotion to his craft are some of the respectable character traits that contribute to his success.

Andrew is also a dynamic go-getter. He has arranged meetings with a number of Broadway designers to talk about their work and learn from them about the theater industry. He frequently makes his way behind the scenes in both theatre and film to learn how everything works. He is actively engaged with theater in every available avenue, from LIHSA productions to his home school’s theatre program and outside theatre companies. He acts, directs and does lighting design for a variety of shows, always bringing his passion for the arts and professional drive to the experience.

Andrew is exceptionally skilled at conceptualizing productions, incorporating abstract set and lighting designs, as well as the use of varying shapes and colors. These are significantly complex concepts for any designer to conceive and apply, let alone a high school student.