2022 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Happy woman smiling

Lisa Benedetti

Adult Learning Center
Fresh Meadows

Lisa is an extraordinarily self-motivated student who is committed to her personal progress and takes responsibility for her own self-improvement. She is extremely driven, and works hard to accomplish her personal goals. She is grateful for the opportunity to pursue her high school general equivalency diploma.

For many years, Lisa has regretted the fact that she was unable to graduate high school. She always found academics challenging, and has struggled to overcome anxiety and fear of failure. Today, she is successfully developing a sense of confidence and strengthening her faith in her abilities. She attends class every day, stays focused, completes all assignments, and studies the material for as long as it takes until she fully understands it.

Lisa is friendly and inclusive, and always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. She has a fun-loving spirit, and her zest for new challenges is contagious.