2023 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Rory Clancy

Rory Clancy

Willet Avenue School | Seaford UFSD

Rory’s teachers say that he is “an exemplary student who is wonderful to work with.” He is determined and has a reputation as a hard worker, both in school and at home. Rory’s willingness to learn has enabled him to make great progress at Willet Avenue. He comes to class full of enthusiasm and is ready to work. Rory especially excels at mathematics and reading, but he also has a passion for exploring nature and loves being outdoors.

It’s no wonder that Rory takes a strong interest in the Willet community garden. He assists with planting and watering the crops and helps to keep the garden area clean. He is also a vital member of the school supply delivery program. Rory picks up packages from the stockroom, then independently navigates the halls, carefully reading the classroom numbers, to deliver each package to its proper destination.

Rory is a gentle, caring and compassionate student who is the first one to help out his peers when they are in need. Everyone who knows Rory describes him as a happy person with a sweet personality that makes him a joy to be around.