2022 George Farber Outstanding Student Award Honoree

Happy young woman smiling

Jewlyia Patterson

Seaman Neck Middle School
West Hempstead UFSD

Jewlyia is a reflective thinker who seeks guidance and honest feedback to help her choose the healthiest options in achieving her personal goals. She is hard-working, motivated, responsible and diligent about her schoolwork. A talented athlete and gifted artist, she has been named “Student of the Month” multiple times. She often uses her abilities to help cope with emotional challenges, making her a top achiever – known as a “High Climber” – in the Children Learning and Implementing Mindful Behaviors (CLIMB) program.

Jewlyia is extremely compassionate, and her awareness of the needs of others is finely tuned. Her peers see her as a peacemaker and a truly caring role model, and seek her out when they need encouragement, feel caught in an unproductive mindset, or need to resolve conflicts.

Jewlyia is planning a career in the helping professions. She will be the first in her family to pursue college, where she intends to study therapy, counseling or legal advocacy for children.