2023 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Michael K. Pappas

Michael K. Pappas

Michael K. Pappas, Trustee
Board of Education, Levittown UFSD 

Michael Pappas has been a leader in the Levittown school community for several decades. During his tenure on the Board of Education, where he served as both president and trustee, he helped the district to face a number of challenges. As a board member, he is a selfless advocate for students and community members alike.

As New York State made substantial cuts to aid provided to school districts, the government also implemented a tax cap, severely restricting school budgets. Mr. Pappas helped the Levittown UFSD navigate these significant obstacles and not only maintain school programs, but build upon them. Under his leadership, the district was able to: expand dual-enrollment course offerings for college credit; increase the number of advanced placement classes; launch a small group instruction initiative at the elementary level; and refurbish school cafeterias, athletic facilities and auditoriums throughout the district.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Pappas guided encouraged collaboration and helped educators and community members to work together to achieve success. Understanding the profoundly positive impact that a safe environment has on learning, he drew upon his experience in the New York City Police Department to bring a unique perspective to best practices in school safety. He advocated for enhanced security protocols, including additional security aides, secure entry vestibules, new classroom doors, and student and visitor management systems.

Beyond his work as a board member, Mr. Pappas has made significant efforts to give back to the Levittown community. He was instrumental in organizing and operating a robust food pantry to distribute food to those in need. Twice a week, he would join volunteers from school and community to hand out boxes of food to hundreds of Levittown residents struggling to make ends meet. He also lent his leadership skills to local sports and civic organizations, including Levittown Kiwanis.