2023 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Chris Reinertsen

Chris Reinertsen

Associate Director
Nassau BOCES Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology

Chris Reinertsen is one of Nassau BOCES’ most seasoned and experienced employees and the leading authority in educational technology in Nassau County. He is a trusted advisor and mentor at the top of his field with a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion. He brings his expertise to bear in technology implementation and configurations in support of school districts across Long Island. Because of this, he has earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues and staff, as well as all the districts served by Nassau BOCES.

Mr. Reinertsen drives the integration of technology that reinforces those district operations necessary for the safety and educational success of students across Nassau County. His unique skill set makes him distinctly qualified to bring technological solutions to improve every facet of education, from administration to instruction.

Perhaps one of the most powerful examples of Mr. Reinertsen’s profound impact on education is his coordination of the technological crisis response to Hurricane Sandy. In the wake of the storm, many districts suffered significant damage to their technology infrastructure, making it impossible for them to continue regular operations.

Under Mr. Reinertsen’s guidance, schools successfully migrated their systems to the Nassau BOCES Network Operation Center, enabling them to maintain business continuity while Mr. Reinertsen coordinated disaster recovery operations that made it possible for districts to run their financial, human resources and student information systems.

“Chris Reinertsen is one of those rare individuals whose presence and passion make our schools better,” wrote his award nominator. “His knowledge and vision have had an incredible impact on education, both now and for future generations. Ask anyone about Mr. Reinertsen and they will share how positively he has affected everything he is involved in on a countywide level.”