2024 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Dr. Danielle N. Williams

Dr. Danielle N. Williams

District Director of Alternative Programs
Valley Stream CHSD

Dr. Danielle N. Williams is a revered educator, administrator and community partner who has dedicated her life to serving students with special needs. She is responsible for changing the face of special education in the Valley Stream Central High School District. Dr. Williams is not only the district’s Director of Alternative Programs, she is the creator and founder of one of its most vital alternative programs for special needs students, which she single-handedly built and now oversees.

Through careful research and intensive conversations with fellow educators, Dr. Williams designed and wrote the curriculum, managed staffing, and launched the program once it was ready for implementation. Perhaps the most important part of her work, however, was establishing and developing key relationships with teachers, students, families, and other district stakeholders, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.

The Twilight program’s success is the direct result of Dr. Williams’ tireless devotion to Valley Stream students who are over-aged and under-credited and range from being special needs to English Language Learners. It is this dedication which is at the root of her careful curation of every aspect of the Twilight program, from implementing new initiatives, to determining that late morning through early evening is the best time to engage her student population.

Outside of Valley Stream, Dr. Williams is the Chairperson for the New York State Education Department Commissioner’s Advisory Panel for Special Education Services. In this capacity, she serves on the executive committee, advising on policies related to the coordination of services for children with disabilities. A nationally renowned trainer, she has presented workshops at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development National Conference, and the Division for Early Childhood’s Council for Exceptional Children International Conference.