2024 Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree

Alexia Vitsos

Alexia Vitsos

Nassau BOCES Twilight Program, Bellmore-Merrick CHSD

While a student at Calhoun High School, Alexia Vitsos was involved in a devastating auto accident that turned her life upside down. She was pulled from the wreckage with a broken hip, requiring two separate surgeries to repair, followed by a monthlong hospital stay, as well as a long and painful road to recovery. Alexia endured a year of strenuous physical therapy, during which she slowly learned to walk again.

For obvious reasons, Alexia was unable to attend school during this time and was compelled to undertake home instruction. By spring of that same year, however, she independently made the decision to return to in-person instruction, but due to the limits placed on her by her physical condition, she had to consider options other than returning to Calhoun. That’s when she discovered the Nassau BOCES Twilight Alternative High School program in her district.

Twilight High School provides Alexia with a more suitable option than the traditional school setting, which has stairs and busy halls to navigate, and a rigorous bell-schedule to manage. In the Twilight program, she benefits from small group instruction, and is empowered to achieve her goals of graduating high school early, attending college and pursuing a career in the helping professions.

Alexia decided to face her trauma head-on and move forward, confidently and with a positive attitude. She comes to class every day prepared and determined to succeed. Teachers and peers know her for her indominable spirit and her exceptional personality traits including respect, honesty, maturity and reliability.