Mileage/Record of Official Travel of Privately Owned Vehicle

Mileage Tips: Refer to this mileage chart for known distances between Nassau BOCES locations. Use Mapquest or Google Maps to calculate distances to other locations. Write address of location if it is not a Nassau BOCES location (e.g. Calhoun H.S., 1786 State St., Merrick, instead of Calhoun HS). All day event: submit mileage from HOME to EVENT to HOME and deduct your normal commute. Partial day event: if you travel from home to the event or from the event to home -- deduct mileage for your normal commute between HOME and WORK LOCATION. Intra-Day Event: submit mileage from WORK to EVENT to WORK. When completed, please return to Business Services.

Mileage_Claim.xlsx, 23.81 KB; (Last Modified on January 3, 2020)