Dear Naturalist letter Grade 5
I enjoyed watching the students work together and overcome their differences. I liked how the program challenged them to use their brains and to step “out of the box” to think of solutions. The entire program met our goals. We wanted the children to learn to work as a team and each activity focused on this.

Grade 5... (from a parent chaperone)
I was extremely impressed with how the naturalist was able to motivate 14 ten-year olds that he never met before. This group was from all different classes from our building. He got them all to communicate, cooperate and trust each other. Despite the downpour of rain that day, he made it fun for them and made sure they were safe at all times. Truly Impressive! (It was a great experience for me as well!)

Special Education MS
The naturalist was wonderful! My students are not easily impressed and can be difficult to get along with. However she was great and I would love to work with her in the future. All of the naturalists are consistent, thorough as well as capable of working with all types of children. I have been canoeing, and gone on beach trips and done Earth Balloon, Giant Maps and the JASON Project - I always enjoy environmental education programs!

Grade 5
This was a special education group with both mental and physical challenges. The naturalist was fabulous and flexible enough to have everyone enjoying the experience fully. She was able to adapt all of the activities in an instant to meet the needs of our special group. Thanks you- we will back!

Grade 8
The Program was excellent! Students were accompanied by their parents, making it somewhat unusual. The naturalist was really able to highlight issues between students and parents. It did everything I hoped the program would do. I’d like to do it again!

Grade 5
The challenge course mirrors many of the themes which we try to impart to our students throughout the year: cooperation, trust, team-spirit, empathy, communication, etc. The naturalists do a great job, too of debriefing each group at the end of each activity and for the entire day and are always concerned with what was learned.

Grade 5
The naturalist was an excellent, kind and organized guide, very willing to answer any questions and encourage children to try every activity and work as a team. She complimented often and had a great sense of humor. I only hope she is my class’ guide every time we come to Project Adventure. P.S. How did you learn all 15 names in 10 minutes? Thanks.

Grades 6, 7, 8
The ability of the naturalist to build a solid rapport with the youth and staff was outstanding. Thank you for taking time to understand the needs of the students. Her ability to engage the youth and keep their interest was something that was great to see. Our students need more people like the naturalists in their lives. Thank you for a great time

Grade 2 (from a Parent Chaperone)
As a class Mom on this trip, I can’t believe how wonderful this guide was. She has such patience with this restless group ( 7 & 8 year olds). She was actually the same guide my daughter had 2 years ago! We remember everything she taught us then. She is outstanding and has excellent teaching skills!

Grade 6
The naturalist did a great job! I especially noticed how she allowed students to go through the process of trial and error and develop strategy with each activity. The post discussions were important and she was very complimentary of the students’ feedback and accomplishments.

Grade 4
Excellent trip & excellent staff! Very organized! Our kids had a very good time and learned a lot! The naturalists were wonderful.- even lunch was a learning experience about recycling!