Marine Biology Programs

Marine Biology Program

South Shore Beach Program, Grade K
The program was enjoyed by all. The naturalist was motivating and knowledgeable. She generated excitement from my students as they learned. This will carry over into the classroom thanks you very much for the interesting program.

Jones Beach Program, Grade 5
I only have wonderful things to say about this field trip, The naturalist was extremely prepared and enthusiastic about the information she imparted to the kids. In response, they were likewise excited about their findings and facts about our LI environment. We had a ball!

We loved the way the Naturalists interacted with the kids. As soon as we got on the boat, they begin talking and giving then information. Each station was interesting and informative. The students had a great time! - Grade 5 Teacher


Both naturalists were passionate about field ecology and their enthusiasm was very contagious. Everything was explained so that the children fully understood and appreciated what they saw. I wouldn't change anything about the program. It was a positive experience and the kids walked away with a new appreciation for coastal ecology(Jones Beach Program). - Grade 6 Teacher