Virtual Desktop Access Instructions

  • While most Nassau BOCES Staff can access work resources through the Microsoft 365 services, such as OneDrive and Office Applications on the web, virtual desktops are used when there is a need to access applicaitons and/or file shares that are only available when connected to the Nassau BOCES Network.  If you are staff who predominately work within the Microsoft suite of applications and file storage, you can access these through the Microsoft Office 365 Portal located here: You can log in with your Nassau BOCES email address and associated password.  You do not need to utilize a Virtual Desktop to access the Microsoft 365 services.

    Nassau BOCES Technical Services recommends using the Microsoft Edge browser which can be downloaded here

    For staff that require access to internal applications such as PeopleSoft, ASPire or file shares, please utilize the links to the right and follow the instructions in the video below to get set up.